san-diego_buju-tattoo_artist_brian-lynchBrian Lynch was raised in Queens, New York, where he fostered his love for illustration and painting. Brian’s exceptional Traditional American and fine line black and grey skills are a fantastic contribution to the Buju Tattoo family of artists in San Diego, California. He enjoys working with clients who are open to artistic interpretation and the creative brainstorming process for their tattoos. Brian’s love for his work began as he discovered the power a tattoo holds for the person who receives it. He is continually inspired by some of his close artist friends who encourage him to push his boundaries, and he is driven to push himself to excel not only in his artistic skills, but in every other aspect of his life. With nearly a decade of experience tattooing, Brian is eager to use his creativity for your meaningful work of art.

If you can’t find Brian at Buju Tattoo, he’s probably in the Pacific enjoying a nice set of waves, or out in the desert finding his footing on a challenging rock wall with his friends. Brian is available for occasional walk-ins – or schedule an appointment – and would love to discuss your tattoo project with you. Fill out the form on this page to start the conversation!

For more info, follow Brian on Instagram @brianlynch_. You can also follow the shop on Facebook or instagram @buju_tattoo.

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