Welcome to the new BUJU Tattoo website!

We’ve had a lot of exciting news in the last few weeks. We are proud to welcome artist Meg Knobel to the BUJU crew. She’s an awesome artist with her own unique style and a beast on a bicycle! Check her out!

In other news, Jasmine, as always, is accepting taxidermy trades for tattoos. Stop in to see her rapidly expanding museum of dead things, including an alligator gar, a silver tail fox, and an expansive skull collection. If you can top it with something more obscure, she’ll be happy to barter for tattoo work.

If you’re more into living things, Briana and Buju have been adding to the plant jungle in the front of the shop. Buju is always accepting treats for being there while you get tattooed. She’s becoming quite the tattoo therapy dog. Both Briana and Buju can be found at the shop regularly Monday through Friday.

We’ll be adding more content each week to the site, so keep checking in. If you haven’t already, stop in soon to see the shop and consult with one one of our artists on your next piece! Tattoo party!!!