kristy-nadine-tattoo-artist-at-buju-tattoo-in-san-diegoMy name is Kristy Nadine and Iโ€™ve been tattooing for nearly eight years. I enjoy tattooing very much, along with painting and drawing. My favorite things to tattoo are flowers, animals, bugs, witchcraft, occult related things and mystical women. Iโ€™ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Born and raised in Colorado, I used to get kicked out of class for drawing instead of taking notes. I started an apprenticeship in Lakewood, Colorado and soon after moved to Austin, Texas to begin my tattooing career. After nearly three years, I moved home to Colorado and tattooed there for a couple years before moving to San Diego to work with the rad guys and gals at Buju Tattoo. Buju Tattoo has been a wonderful place to work and I love the people I work with.

Some other things I enjoy are music, tea, riding bikes & motorcycles, building things, yoga, gardening, raising chickens, foraging, mushroom hunting, rockhounding, hiking, camping, archery and much more. Although, I enjoy tattooing very much I also make jewelry through metal smithing and work with a lapidary to form stones. Iโ€™ve been making jewelry for almost 3 years now and it has been wonderful expressing art through this medium.

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